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Grand Theft Auto IV The Ballad Of Gay Tony Download

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad Of Gay Tony Download >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Luis Lopez is the bodyguard and business partner of famous Liberty City nightclub owner Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince. With the drug-addled Tony owing money to the mob and other shady ...DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)




































Luis Lopez is the bodyguard and business partner of famous Liberty City nightclub owner Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince. With the drug-addled Tony owing money to the mob and other shady characters, Luis is forced to help his boss and clean up his messes, discovering that the rich life of Liberty City is just as dangerous as the tough streets where Luis grew up. The second expansion of Grand Theft Auto IV, this game takes place roughly around the same time as Niko Bellic's journey in Liberty City, as well as the first expansion, "The Lost and Damned." Title: Gta 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Developed by: Rockstar North

Completion Time: 6 hours

Storyline: With this being the 2nd game of the Episodes of the Episodes of Liberty City it ha a very similar similar look and feel to Tlad and the main game. The opening scene starts with the main character walking through Liberty City after being caught in a bank job. The first clip shows cameos of both Niko and Johnny before introducing us to Tony. A couple things are different compared to Tlad, the first is that each mission will have objectives that will add up to your total score, these can range from time you too, to player/vehicle damage and so on. In this game, you will get more advanced weaponry compared to Tlad. You also get more of a backstory of your character, such as he was a former US Marine and he went to prison for drugs related crimes. You can also change his clothes into 5 different outfits. In the first actual mission you see Billy arranging to have Johnny and Jim killed in the cutscene, this leads back to the point I made in the review of Tlad, to fully grasp everyones storyline, you need to play both side games Tlad and Tbogt and watch their cutscenes. If you enter the cage fighting as a challenge, you will be fighting 3 guys per round for about 5 rounds or so. Depending on your fighting skills it can be easy or hard, especially when the challengers come in with actual melee weapons such as knives and baseball bats after the 3rd round, but they are not to be underestimated as knives can do lots of damage quickly, baseball bats aren't as much of a threat as they can do damage, but they are also a lot slower to fight with. The only way you can describe Yusuf is that he is an Arabian guy trying to act black, but it falls flat like a white guy trying to act like a black gangster. His missions will generally consist of you having to steal expensive or odd things for him. But for all his annoyances he comes in handy in the final mission. His first mission will have operating an attack helicopter, a word of advice for all helicopter missions is to make sure you can do them during the daytime, this will make them so much easier. Tony buys diamonds with borrowed money and needless to say they get robbed, but thankfully you're able to find out where they are being held and you're able to get them back. In the later missions you have to help Yusuf steal APCs and Subway trains, these are very good missions for getting cash rewards, so they are recommended if you want to buy weapons, but they generally involve a lot of killing and shooting, so bulletproofs and plenty of ammo is generally required. In the last mission for the Bulgarian you will have to go to a building to protect Timur, but once you get there you will find the decapitated head of the guy who sold you the diamonds, turns out the diamonds belonged to the Bulgarian and now he's angry. So this guy then turns into the antagonist for the last section of the game along with Rocco partly who wants his money but escapes before the Bulgarian's hit-men arrive. But in the end you are able to find Timur and the Bulgarian and kill them before they can escape the country and ruin your lives even more. But ironically the diamonds you spent most of the game trying to get back fall into the hands of a homeless man who uses them to buy wealth at the end of the credits.

Overall Feel: The thing which makes this game better than Tlad is the fact that the missions have more variety and are more interesting, while Tlad was more believable and realistic as GTA games can be, it lacked most of the enjoyment that you get with Tbogt. You get a lot better weapons in Tbogt as well, such as silenced P90 which still attracts attention regardless, automatic shotguns with exploding shells and LMGs. I do feel slightly cheated that the Silenced P90 doesn't stop you from getting caught, but you can't have it all. Speaking of which, the silenced weapons in GTA5 barely do their job regardless. My only complaint which isn't really a complaint is that it requires more to plot out the story of Tbogt compared to Tlad as Tlad had 1 simplistic storyline which you veered off slightly at times but stayed on for the rest of it. The health related challenges work off your current HP so even if you make it through a mission without losing any HP you will still lose any health challenge because your health was below what they wanted. So it pays to find hospitals/health packs alongside bulletproof vests Regardless of the general things wrong with GTA 4, if you want the best game out of GTA Tlad and Tbogt is it hands down Tbogt, mainly because its story is a lot more interesting and has characters you can actually care about unlike Tlad, the missions are much funner and varied in comparison as well. Isn't as realistic, but it is worth it. Best to play Tlad first though as if you play Tbogt first you will feel underwhelmed in comparison. The GTA series have their problems, but these are two games which you can waste a day or so on and not feel like you've wasted your money. Years ago I played a top-down view GTA game on my old PC. The graphics were basic and the idea was simple. Years later I picked up GTA4 after it had been out for a while, having not taken part in the other versions since my PC days. I really loved the scale of it and the story and, once my tenth prestige on Modern Warfare 2 was achieved, I picked up a disc with the two downloadable chapters on it. The first of these was good but it had some problems. The base for your character was the island playing the part of New Jersey – a terribly dull and grey place in the game. The gang wars were cool but required biking it for long distances. The Xbox achievement points were mostly down to "finish the game" and not spread out and generally the game seemed to be trying to be gritty and downbeat, while still allowing you to run amuck like in the main game. I liked it as an add-on but there were things about it that could have been better.

I almost wish that I had played Lost & Damned when it came out, because then i could convince myself that Rockstar listened to me. Sadly, as it was my comments came long after both chapters were released – which is a shame because The Ballad of Gay Tony is a massive improvement and pretty much everything I had pause over in Lost & Damned is addressed in this second download. The home base locations are all on Manhattan and, although you cover all of the boroughs and Jersey, it is great to be mostly around this area. The story is one of club lifestyles, drugs, wealth and excess – we still have junkies but now they are very wealthy as opposed to infected and waiting for death like they were in Lost & Damned. The weapons are souped up (AA12 and of course the wonderful sticky bombs), the vehicles are generally better and of course the buzzard and the tank being available makes "messing around" a lot easier and more fun. The parachute was new to me and I did find the base jumping challenges very hard but generally they were fun.

The cage fighting and drug wars are just two other extra things to be done outside of the main story and wisely the game achievement points have been spread across all of these so that they are more than just side activities but necessary to 100% the game. Even the dancing has achievements associated with it – an activity that I hated until I understood the instructions then I loved it – doing the bus stop was great fun. Back to the main story though. As before, it dove-tails into part of GTA4 in regards the theft and repeated theft of the bag of diamonds. This is good stuff and is satisfying to see things come together. The alternative view on Brucie is an example of the story being pretty clever and I did respect it for working with that character a little. Luis is one cool character and I enjoyed playing that role a lot. Of course in terms of characters all come second to the addition of Yusuf Amir, who is hilariously over the top and very well voiced by UK comedian Omid Djalili. His cut scenes are among the best and his missions are generally the most outrageously over the top (stealing a subway train and airlifting it out of the city!!). All of the missions are fun though and most of the cut scenes get the balance right between being entertaining and instructional while not running too long to make you feel like you're not being allowed to play the game! The Ballad of Gay Tony is not only a great downloaded extra, but it is easily a great game if you pick it up for itself. The many little distractions give it life, while the exaggerated action and glitzy characters give the game a real sense of OTT fun that the Lost & Damned didn't manage. Even after all the time I'd spent in Liberty City by the time I started this game, it still managed to be fresh, fun and entertaining. Yes, we first meet him when Niko and the McReary brothers rob the bank. He is one of the bystanders who tries to talk the gun club member out of doing something stupid. Later on he helps ambush the diamond sale that Niko and Johnny were in on. He is also there when Niko and Packie hand over Gracie Ancelloti. No, he has female love interests throughout the game. He is simply a platonic friend and business partner of Gay Tony. No, he will get drunk when going to the bar however. These are the games in order by their release dates:

Grand Theft Auto - (PC - Oct. 1997, PlayStation - May 1998, Gameboy Color - 1999)

Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969 - (PlayStation - Apr. 29, 1999, PC - May 25, 1999)

Grand Theft Auto: London, 1961 - (PC - Dec. 31, 1999)

Grand Theft Auto 2 - (PlayStation - Oct.22, 1999, PC - Oct. 7, 1999, Dreamcast - May 2, 2000, Gameboy Color - Dec. 25, 2000)

Grand Theft Auto III - (PlayStation 2 - Oct. 22, 2001, PC - May 21, 2002, Xbox - Oct. 31, 2003)

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - (PlayStation 2 - Oct. 29, 2002, PC - May 13, 2003, Xox - Oct. 31, 2003)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - (PlayStation 2 - Oct. 25, 2004, Xbox - Jun. 6, 2005, PC - Jun. 6, 2005, Xbox 360 - Oct. 20, 2008)

Grand Theft Auto Advance - (Gameboy Advance - Oct. 25, 2004)

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - (PSP - Oct. 24, 2005, PlayStation 2 - Jun. 6, 2006)

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories - (PSP - Oct. 30, 2006, PlayStation 2 - Mar. 5, 2007)

Grand Theft Auto IV - (PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 - Apr. 29, 2008, PC - Dec. 02, 2008)

Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned - (Xbox 360 - Feb. 17, 2009)

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars - (PSP - Oct. 20, 2009, Nintendo DS - Mar. 17, 2009, iPhone - Jan. 18, 2010)

Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony - (Xbox 360 - Oct. 29, 2009)

Grand Theft Auto V - (PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 - Sep. 17, 2013, PlayStation 4 & Xbox One - Nov. 18, 2014, PC - Mar. 24, 2015)



Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City - (Xbox 360 - Oct. 29, 2009)


These are the games listed chronologically:

1961 - GTA: London, 1961

1969 - GTA: London, 1969

1984 - GTA: Vice City Stories

1986 - GTA: Vice City

1992 - GTA: San Andreas

1997 - Grand Theft Auto

1998 - GTA: Liberty City Stories

2000 - GTA Advance

2001 - Grand Theft Auto III

2008 - Grand Theft Auto IV (with The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony)

2009 - GTA: Chinatown Wars

2013 - Grand Theft Auto 2 and Grand Theft Auto V

...though "technically" the GTA games are split into separate "series" or maps. With each series being a new start and separate from the previous one.

Each series chronology works thus...

The first:

1961 - GTA: London, 1961

1969 - GTA: London, 1969

1997 - Grand Theft Auto [ft. the original Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas]

The second:

2013 - Grand Theft Auto 2 [ft. the one and only Anywhere City]

The third:

1984 - GTA: Vice City Stories [ft. Vice City redux I]

1986 - GTA: Vice City [ft. Vice City redux I]

1992 - GTA: San Andreas [ft. San Andreas redux I, incl. the original Los Santos]

1998 - GTA: Liberty City Stories [ft. Liberty City redux I]

2000 - GTA Advance [ft. Liberty City redux I 2D]

2001 - Grand Theft Auto III [ft. Liberty City redux I]

The fourth:

2008 - Grand Theft Auto IV (with The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony) [ft. Liberty City redux II and the original Alderney]

2009 - GTA: Chinatown Wars [ft. Liberty City redux II 2D]

2013 - Grand Theft Auto V [ft. Los Santos redux I and the original Blaine County] From IV or The Lost and Damned:


  • Most Wanted, Vigilante or selling vehicles. Instead there is money to be gained and firefights to be experienced from Drug Wars events which can be replayed.


  • Loyal taxi (like Roman Bellic's). The regular taxi is still available.

  • Car bomb (like Packie McReary's friendship benefit).

  • Helicopter transport (like Brucie Kibbutz's friendship benefit).

  • Health boost (like Carmen Ortiz's friendship benefit). Instead there are "booty call" acquaintances who actually have to be visited and can only be visited while the protagonist is not on a mission.

  • Wanted level removal (like Kiki Jenkins' or Francis McReary's). Interestingly wanted levels never rise above two stars during Drug Wars missions.

  • Job request. Instead all jobs are started by the protagonist visiting specific locations at certain time frames or by being called by a non-player character.

  • Race request. Instead a different portion at a time of replayable triathlons can be started at will by the protagonist visiting sites that are indexed with icons on the map when not on a mission.


  • Hi-Lo or Arm Wrestling. Instead there are Dancing, Cage Fight, Golf, Triathlon and Base Jumping but not only those as bowling, darts and 8-ball return from IV while air hockey returns from The Lost. (However, the icon for bowling does not appear on the map, and the protagonist cannot play it with his friends.)

  • Stand-up comedy or Cabaret acts.


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